April Hall

If you are interested in studying privately with April Hall, please use the contact page to email us directly. New students are taken in on an availability and audition basis. One time individual or group coaching sessions are available as well as master classes and workshops on Modern Vocal Technique and Modern Microphone Techniques for Live Vocal Performance. April has been teaching workshops, master classes and private lessons for the past 15 years at institutions throughout the U.S., like Brandeis University, Berklee College of Music, Milton Hershey School, University of Maine, Franklin School of Performing Arts and Boston Performing Arts School. April’s teaching philosophy is based on mastering cyclical breath mechanic’s and connecting that breath seamlessly to your individual voice. Each voice is unique and has the potential to be expanded and improved by exercise, anatomy study and the implementation of healthy live vocal performance techniques.

Current students please use you’re password to access the student and vocal coaching sections and materials. -Thank you.
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